[Monster Strike] 未開の大地 – 拠点28 | Uncharted Lands – Stage 28

[Monster Strike] 未開の大地 – 拠点28 | Uncharted Lands – Stage 28

Major Gimmicks
• Gravity Barriers
• Speed Down Walls
• Bounce Obstructors
• Attack Up based on Damage Taken
• Boss Weak Point Damage Up (6x)
• Super Elemental Effectiveness Up (2x out / 0.33x in for Fire)

Team Composition
• You will need Pierce slings with Anti Gravity Barrier and Anti Speed Down Wall for this quest.
– Flaremis’ alternate Evolution is easily accessible as a viable unit, as you’ll already have unlocked it by the time you first reach this stage.

Procedure / Tips
• Damage Smogs are your main source of Attack boosts for this quest; the angel mobs can (barely) outheal the damage you take from the smog each turn, but are prone to being defeated if you hit their Weak Points. The amount of HP they restore is barely enough to cover the damage you take from the smog, so avoid hitting the angels whenever possible.
– If you pay attention to how the Damage Smogs are positioned, you can discern routes that let you attack your intended targets while avoiding the angel mobs.
– In case you do defeat an angel mob, consider avoiding the Damage Smog for the following turn to give your HP a chance to recover. Fortunately, any angel mobs you defeat will always be revived before the next turn.
• Always defeat the Bounce Obstructors before targeting other enemies; the Damage Smog and the angel mobs will not appear until you have done so.
• Basilisks will not only revive each other every turn, but also make the area boss transparent; you must defeat all of them at once while utilizing the Attack buff.

0:00 Prep
0:14 Battle 1
0:55 Battle 2
1:44 Battle 3
4:03 Boss 1
4:43 Boss 2
6:08 Boss 3
7:45 Results
8:15 UL Gacha Roll

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